Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tell us, by name, who you want to fire

Meet Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), another Republican who thinks paying off the debt RIGHT NOW is more important than putting Americans to work.
when’s the government going to sacrifice? Everyone’s been pinching pennies, the government budgets have almost doubled the last couple years. Most companies are laying off workers, especially small businesses, the federal government’s hiring federal workers. So my question is, when is the government going to sacrifice in order to help us get our financial house in order?

It's easy--in fact, cowardly--to rant against "the government" as an abstract noun. But the government is "we the people" and bureaucrats are civil servants, our neighbors who earn good middle class paychecks that they bring home and spend in our communities. Brady deserves some teeny tiny credit for admitting that he wants Americans to lose their jobs, but he still hides behind someone's skirts and says he wants "the government" to do it. "We the people" are the government, but, more specifically, you, Congressman Brady, are the government. Congress, arguably, is the most important branch of government.

I would love to see hearings on "downsizing" government where one American after another appeared to ask, "Congressman Brady, why do you want me to be out of a job? Senator McConnell, why do you want me to be unable to pay my bills? Congressman Ryan, why do you want to take food out of my children's mouths?" I want them to have to look each person in the eyes and give them answer. The Republicans want to create more unemployed families at the same time they want to cut unemployment benefits. Why do the Republicans want to see Americans suffer?

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