Monday, July 18, 2011

Schatzi is not a bigot

Schatzi Ziegler of Leesburg, Virginia is having a yardsale, but she's very picky about who she will let buy her chipped china, eight track tapes, and old board games (except for the fact that the dog ate most of the blue pieces, the Risk game is just like new!).
i will not sell to LGBT, muslims, or illegal immigrants. if you don't like that you can kiss my uber white daughter of the American revolution American Irish Ashkenazi Jewish German ass. i am not racist or a bigot, but I have standards or morality, patriotism, and lawfulness which i will not abandon for the sake of a few bucks. puhleeze. get real people. moral boundaries are HEALTHY for the individual and for society....and bowing to "political correctness" and wanting to be liked over standing up and doing the right thing is something only people who can't think for themselves do. get real.

(Sparse use of punctuation and capitals in the original.)

It should go without saying, but I'll say it again anyway, any person who qualifies their statements with "I am not a bigot" is almost certainly a bigot. I have a question for Schatzi that is not related to her alleged not-bigotness: how are you going to enforce this?
"How much do you want for the cracked punchbowl?"

"Before I answer that, I'll need to subject your driver's license, birth certificate, and heterosexual marriage license to advanced testing by our crack team of right wing bloggers. If you pass, it's five dollars. If you fail, I'm going to sic the dog on you, just as soon as he finishes barfing up those little, blue, plastic game pieces."

Now that I think about it, this could be a very fun yardsale to attend.

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