Sunday, October 21, 2012

I gotta fix the template

Now that HaloScan is gone, I have no commenting system. My template is a very simple little thing that I whacked together nine years ago. I'm probably going to have to customize a Blogger template the get a new one with comments. That will give my a chance to update everything.

Speaking of which. I bought the domain name for Mammoth Tales, so I'm going to have to build a super snazzy site for the book and non-political blogging. I'd also like to add pages for things that don't fit in the book, such as my database of all the frozen mammoths ever found and documented.

Diary of a newly single middle-age guy

Friday: Helped Tessa and Marlowe move out. Realtor called to say we have a deal on the house. Must wait for closing before I can afford to get a place. Made paella for dinner. It turned out a little dry. Tried to compensate by having more wine. May have overcompensated. Watched my first (and last) Tyler Perry movie.

Day one of my wild single life: Slept late because of paella compensation and lack of small cat alarm clock. Drove to Bremerton to help Tessa assemble furniture. I don't remember the bed being that difficult the first time. Marlowe is adjusting to the move. Drove home. Researched Siberian maps for a while. Had leftover paella for dinner. Went to bed early.

Day two: Had huevos rancheros for brunch. Did dishes. Found some good map articles. Planning to do research for the rest of the day. Leftover paella for dinner. Maybe some Oreos. Call sisters to tell them the news about the house.

To be continued...