Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Madison Cawthorn is a Politician (and Doesn't Know It)


Madison Cawthorn does not like Ukraine on a train, he does not like it in the rain. he is not the meme master he'd like to be. Let's take this apart, shall we?

"I do not stand with Ukraine
"I do not stand with Russia"

Both-sideserism plays into the hands of the aggressor. Like it or not, Cawthorn, by saying his, you side with Russia.

"I do not stand with the UN or NATO."

Interesting. The US was one of the founding members of both the UN and NATO and still plays a leading role in both organizations. You're saying you don't stand with the US in its role as a global leader.

"I stand with the civilians in each country..."

This part starts out pretty well. Now, what are you going to do about it. How will you show your support for them. You're very good at getting camera time for yourself; this is your chance to show some leadership.

"... while politicians and their media play their war and propaganda games."

Attacking "politicians" and "the media" is just as lazy as both-sideserism. They're anonymous and nonspecific. Which politicians? Which members of the media?* The politician most responsible for the war is Vladimir Putin. Why won't you name him? The American media--news media--that enabled him are OAN and Fox News commentators, assisted by various right-wing bloggers, Tweeters, and pod-casters. Oh, and Cawthorn, you're a politician. When you run for and hold office, you're a politician.

"Not sure why thats [sic] so offensive to so many people."

Really? Even before you pressed "send" on this meme and anyone had a chance to express offense, you felt you had to add a whine about being persecuted for being a big brave truth-speaker. There is a war going on that has created almost three million refugees, over ten thousand dead (on both sides), twice that many wounded, tens of billions of dollars in property damage, and several times that in economic dislocation. But we should keep in mind that the real victim here is attention-seeking, Hitler-groupie Madison Cawthorn who might hear some criticism (after desperately seeking it out).

 *Heck. Which medium? Vinyl records?