Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We have moths, tiny, evil, wool-eating moths. I do battle with them from time to time. When we cleaned out Mom's house, I claimed two Pendleton coach blankets that had belonged to my grandmother. I remembered them from my earliest childhood. I would curl up in one whenever I was sick or just need some comfort. I put one on the couch for naps and put the other one in the closet. The one on the couch has been getting a little moth damage so I sprayed it with lavender this a few minutes ago. Then I went to get the other one. It's ruined. It has palm-sized holes in it. I want looking for other things and found that they had ruined my father's (and my) wedding suit. One shoulder is gone and the lapels are rags.

I WANT THESE MOTHS DEAD! I want to see rows of of tiny moth heads on stakes (you're all Spartacus, you little bastards). I need to know how to get rid of them completely. Lavender and cedar will repel them from this closet or that chest, but that's not good enough anymore. I want them gone. I want them extinct in this house. I don't want them destroying my history any longer. If anyone knows of a method, short of poisoning the whole house, I want to hear it.

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