Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tagged by a meme
It's been a while since I was tagged by a meme. TNG, the Neural Gourmet, got me with the blogging meme. This gives us both an opportunity to point out that I'm hosting the next Carnival of the Liberals. Over the years I've determined that blogging is made up of equal parts determined energy and laziness. Think about it. Would blogging even be possible without the copy and paste function?

Why do you blog?
I blog to have a voice, to find kindred souls, and for the money. Two out of three ain't bad.

How long have you been blogging?
Three and a half years. Not long after I became reacquainted with my childhood friend David Neiwert, he began blogging. I began sending him comments and suggestions on his pseudofascism series as it was developing and decided it would be more fair to seek my own audience that to impose on him to print my every passing thought. I started Archy over the weekend before the Iraq invasion.

Self Portrait?
I haven't done a self portrait since about 1988. Here's a duck instead.

Why do readers read your blog?
They come for the politics, but stay for the woolly mammoths.

What was the last search phrase someone used to get to your site?
Of the last four, two were looking for George Harriman's illustrations for Archy and Mehitabel and two were looking for information about woolly mammoths. I also get a lot of hits looking for information about other John McKays (there are many of us) and pictures of walrus penises. I particularly enjoy the fact that I share the same name with one of the bigger creationists in Australia.

Which of your entries unjustly gets too little attention?
The serious political ones, wherein I try to make some original observation about how things work rarely get comments or links. Stories about the weird side of science usually get the best links and geezerly asides about my age usually get the most comments. All I have to do is mention vinyl records or reminisce about when TV Guide pointed out which shows were being shown in color and they flock to Haloscan muse about forgotten technologies.

Your current favorite blog?
Lately, being a bit burned out on politics, I've been reading the science blogs at Seed (yes, I've gone to seed), but I couldn't pick out one as my favorite.

What blog did you read most recently?
Neural Gourmet, where I was tagged for this meme. Aren't you paying attention?

Which feeds do you subscribe to?
Whenever I post something good, my tenders give me a nice bowl of Purina Blogger Chow as feed.

What four blogs are you tagging with this meme and why?
I'll send this to:
Bad Tux: the all-purpose penguin
Dum Luks
Why Now?
Because I don't pay enough attention to them.

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