Sunday, September 10, 2006

My nerd cred
The kids over at the science blogs have been fighting over their bragging rights as nerds. I think some us non-science types need to step forward to defend our place in the nerdy sun. Here's my claim:
  • I received a nerd score of 85 even though I wasn't a science major.
  • I still own a lava lamp.
  • I did not go to my high school senior prom.
  • I watched the first episode of "Star Trek" on a Zenith black and white teevee.
  • I packed two capes when I left for college.
  • I continued to read comic books as an adult.
  • I was the class projectionist in Junior High and had a card from Bell & Howell to prove it.
  • I do not have an athletic bone in my body.
  • I have a set of gold plated "Trivial Pursuit" wedges, but no one in my family will play with me.
  • By age ten, I had a chemistry set, a telescope, and a microscope.
  • I wear socks with sandals.
  • I camped out for the first "Star Wars" movie.
  • In college I could recite most of the "Firesign Theater" albums.
  • I built the "Visible Man" model kit.
  • I point out the mistakes in historical movies to those sitting next to me.
  • I blog.

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