Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Need more information
Neil Gaiman discovered this while browsing through the Transportation Security Administration (motto: Vigilant, Effective, Efficient) updated list of items that we are allowed and not allowed to take as carry-ons on commercial airline flights.

Not allowed:
Bug and mosquito sprays and repellents
Liquid lip glosses or other liquids for lips
Meat Cleavers
Cricket Bats
Mace/Pepper Spray
Hand Grenades
Gas Torches
Whipped cream

Gel-filled bras
Knitting Needles
Toy Transformer Robots
Diabetes - liquid or gel low blood sugar treatments, including juice
Mobile Phones
Wrenches and Pliers
Baby formula
Personal lubricants

Um, excuse me?
Personal lubricants

Yes, they mean that kind of personal lubricant. Gaiman looked it up. PZ Myers suggests an explanation: "National security will not be allowed to deter new recruits to the Mile-High Club." That makes sense to me.

In this case, I don't think that this our dirty minds at work. After all, that's what it says this stuff is for on the label. We have three fairly intelligent and creative nerd guys here and we're all stumped. Does anyone know of another legitimate use for this stuff that the TSA might have in mind?

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