Friday, May 28, 2004

You can count on me
Those other blogs will be leaving you for the holiday weekend, leaving you without the obsessive coverage of and sarcastic commentary on everything those bad conservatives do that you count on to keep your blood pressure up.. But I won’t leave you. I’ll be here for you. I do it because I care and, like SZ, I don’t have a life. As a contract worker (not a mercenary, a temp. Although, if you prefer, you can think of me as an office ronin), I don’t make enough to take vacations. I also don’t make enough to hire a carpenter (as the weekend progresses I might mention several things that I can’t afford). I’ll be spending the weekend here at home fixing the decking and rails on my porch so they will be safer and more attractive for my sickly and aged mother to visit and make cookies. This is the kind of attention you can count on here at archy. Tell all your friends to read me and write Janeane Garafalo to demand she have me as a guest on her show.

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