Friday, May 28, 2004

Death to seditious Democrats
As reported by Atrios, Sean Hannity on his Wednesday night show equated speaking to Move On with speaking to the Klan.
HANNITY: Should -- why would Al Gore associate with a group that is that left wing and that radical? What if he spoke before the Klan? Would that -- would we not hold him in judgment for that?

Is this a fair comparison? Let's look at the two groups.

The Klan is a shadowy, semi-criminal organization with a very real criminal past that includes arson, assault, bank robbery, and murder all focused on the goal of intimidating and disenfranchising racial and religious minorities. This pattern would be called hate crimes and terrorism by any rational standard, except that the Ashcroft Justice Department feels that white Protestants are not capable of these crimes.

Move On is a legally formed political action group that registers voters and buys television ads critical of the president.

Hannity seems to feel that murder and criticizing Bush are equivalent crimes. Does he also think they should have equivalent punishments? Good thing he's not one of those hate filled Democrats, because then he might have said something outrageous.

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