Sunday, May 30, 2004

Supporting the troops
Over the last week or so, a few in Left Blogistan have been gnashing their teeth over the fact that the drug-addicted, fat idiot is carried on Armed Forces Radio while no counter balancing voice of the Left is carried. I agree, this bites big time. We’re spending taxpayer money to tell our boys and girls in beige camo that one political party is a bunch of traitorous dogs who hate them and the president can do no wrong. But if we try to object Rush’ presence, the trolls come out of the woodwork to call us pro-censorship, hypocrites. This also bites. If we try to demand equal time for one of our own, they call us PC, thought-controlling hypocrites. And yes, this too bites.

Those nice folks over at Salon have come up with a philosophically consistent and emotionally satisfying response. They are giving free subscriptions to their premium service to all active military (existing military subscribers get a free year). I hope other lefty sites jump on this bandwagon.

Okay, it’s not as emotionally satisfying as dropping an anvil on Rush, but we can’t drop an anvil on him because anvil dropping is wrong.

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