Saturday, August 11, 2012

The real Romney

We all know that Romney has no guts and that his only real objective is to take care of the interest of his class. He deeply believes and is strongly in favor of whatever his current audience wants to hear. There is actually a certain advantage to his gutlessness (that wouldn't make a bad title for him). Everyone who hears him can assume that he didn't mean it when he was talking to those people; the real Romney is the one who said what I wanted to hear. In practice, this nonconfrontational attitude means President Romney would do whatever the most powerful voice within the range of his hearing wants him to do. That voice is the congressional Republican caucus. In his appointments, President Romney will send over whichever candidates Mitch McConnell tells him to. As for the rest of it--well, there are factions within the GOP; which one will he listen to the most often? Today he let us know. Today, when he "accidenally" introduced Paul Ryan as the "next President of the United States," he was finally telling the truth.

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