Thursday, January 08, 2009

She's ba-aaack

It appears that Ann Coulter is doing the talk shows, peddling yet another badly researched, libelous screed about how bad liberals are and inciting violence against non-Ann women. As usual she's using her platform to make outrageous statements that get her more undeserved publicity. I have to giver credit: the lady can play the television news media like a violin. No matter how many times they say they won't be fooled again, they line up like jonesing drug addicts every time she crooks an unnaturally long finger in their direction. This is probably a good time reiterate that I do not have nude photos of Ann Coulter and if I did have pictures of Ann Coulter naked I wouldn't post them on my site for free. If you want nude pics of Ann Coulter, you'll have to look elsewhere. Oh, and for the record, I also do not have naked photos or nude video of Sarah Palin nude (XXX).

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