Wednesday, October 03, 2007

No nude photos of Ann Coulter here

Looking at my site statistics a few minutes ago, I noticed an uptick in people coming to this site on some variation of the search terms "nude photos of Ann Coulter." That can only mean one thing, the news directors of America have lost their collective senses and are once again letting that silly, self-promoting performance artist clutter our air waves. And, ckecking Google News, I confirmed my suspicions: Ann is on a book tour. Last night she was on Hannity & Colmes defending the use of ethnic slurs for Arabs ("they started it").

For all of the College Republicans who have come here hoping to view the unadorned body of a woman old enough to be their mother, I'll repeat my policy. I don't have any pictures of Ann Coulter nude and I would not publish nude photos of Ann Coulter even if I did have them. Although I know that even the rumor that I have nude photos of Ann Coulter might be a boon to site traffic, I would never be so crass as to take advantage of that by repeating the phrases "nude photos of Ann Coulter" or "Ann Coulter nude." That would be wrong.

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