Friday, April 28, 2006

Skeptics meet again
The 33rd Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle may or may not have been posted at Science and Politics. Coturnix might have been kind enough to provide us with an abstract that reads something like this:
Complaints like "hurts my brain" and "blows my mind" as a result of exposure to incredible stories have recently been definitively tied to the neuronal cell death (apoptosis). Furthermore, the notion of the usefullness of the Baloney Detection Kit (BDK) in protection of brain cells against the negative effects of incredulity has recently garnered significant support. In this review, the authors gather the most notable examples in recent scientific and medical literature on the subject, evaluate the currently available data on the effectivness of BDK and propose new avenues for further research.

You can only be sure if its there by checking for yourself.

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