Friday, April 28, 2006

More sex scandal details
Random details as they emerge:

It appears that we will have to resign ourselves to this scandal being called something like “Hookergate.” The mechanics of the hookers-for-votes arrangement was that the corrupt lobbyist, Mitchell Wade of MZM, Inc., would send a limousine out to pick up the congressman and a hooker and bring them back to a suite that Wade maintained at--you guessed it--the Watergate Hotel.

TPM Muckraker speculates that this business might have been going on for as long as fifteen years.

Ken Silverstein of Harpers is reporting that one of the unnamed half-dozen congressmen who accepted the hooker-bribes fits the description, at least superficially, of new CIA chief Porter Goss.

This is starting to look like the plot of a bad thriller novel.

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