Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Two questions
If I have learned anything from Jonah Goldberg, it is that, as a blogger, I no longer need to do serious intellectual work; I can get my readers to do it for me. I have two questions.

One for science fiction geeks:
I recently introduced Clever Wife to the idea of a ringworld. I am aware of only two authors that have used this idea so far: Larry Niven in his Ringworld series and Iain M. Banks in his novel Consider Phlebas. Does anyone know of another book, esay, or story that uses a ringworld as a setting?

Another one for kitchen geeks:
Over the last few years I have slowly stopped using all types of garlic other than fresh cloves. Clever Wife and I really like garlic. Does anyone know an easy way to clean the little holes in a garlic press? Right now I'm using either a toothpick or a sail needle to clear old pulp from the holes.

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