Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Plame grand jury still working
Jeralyn suggests that we might not have any resolution from the Plamegate grand jury till late next week. Despite the rumors that indictments might be coming down today, it makes a certain amount of sense for Fitzgerald to keep the grand jury in business until the last possible minute. If he drags out the suspense, there is always the possiblity that someone with a guilty conscience will crack and want to cut a deal.

Meanwhile, we have this to tide us over the weekend.
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- A Texas court on Wednesday issued a warrant for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's arrest, and set an initial $10,000 bail as a routine step before his first court appearance on conspiracy and state money laundering charges.

Travis County court officials said DeLay was ordered to appear at the Fort Bend County, Texas, jail for booking, where he'd likely be fingerprinted and photographed. DeLay's lawyers had hoped to avoid such a spectacle.

The warrant, known as a capias, is "a matter of routine and bond will be posted," DeLay attorney Dick DeGuerin said.

I can't wait to see the mugshot and I know reporters will be all over that court house trying to be the first to publish. The important question is, will Time manipulate the picture to make him darker and more sinister looking, like they did to OJ Simpson?

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