Thursday, April 22, 2004

Who is this idiot?
For the most I try to maintain a modicum of courtesy and dignity on this blog and reserve vulgar invective for people named Limbaugh. I’m making an exception for Dennis Prager who is an idiot.
I love learning and revere the title of "professor," but with few exceptions, universities, too, merit contempt. The vast majority of professors who take positions on social issues are moral fools. They teach millions of students that America and Israel are villains and that the enemies of those decent societies are merely misunderstood victims who are often justified in their hatred. And they loathe the American Judeo-Christian value system that has made the United States the world's land of opportunity and beacon of liberty.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, and an ABD (All But Dissertation) in History, from the very heart of the evil Social Sciences/Humanities. In all of the years I spent in colleges and universities not quite getting my doctorate, I never, never met Prager’s Dr. Strawman. I met a lot of professors who were liberals or Democrats, a few who were conservatives or Republicans, about the same number who were Libertarians, and a few who hid their beliefs so well I never was sure what they believed. I never met a single professor who taught “that America and Israel are villains and that the enemies of those decent societies.” Not one. I never met one who “loathe[d] the American Judeo-Christian value system.”

I did meet quite a few who questioned its absolute perfection. I even met a few who suggested it that could be improved or that some other societies might have their own values that would recommend them. Indeed, some of them even hinted that people in non-American Judeo-Christian value systems might feel that those systems are just fine as they are. The only ranting, anti-American, Marxists I ever met were either grad students or, more likely, drop-outs who lurked around the university neighborhood selling Party newspapers.

Dr. Strawman does exist. There are probably a couple dozen of him or her among the tens of thousands of higher education professionals in the United States. That this couple of dozen silly extremists manage to oppress hundreds of thousands of conservative students and brainwash millions of other moderate and apolitical young people is one of the wonders of the modern world.

Lately, I’ve begun to miss the blustery masculine conservatives of yesteryear. When did the right come to dominated by this crybaby rhetoric?

PS - Jason Rosenhouse of Evolutionblog also felt the need to give Mr. Prager a good slap. I thought he needed a matching set.

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