Thursday, April 22, 2004

Give turkee
If you're not an Atrios reader, you won’t know that by "give turkee" we mean donate to the Democratic candidate of your choice. If you can't afford cash, give time and labor. Wear a button or a tee shirt. Put up a yard sign. Slap a bumper sticker on your car. On Election Day get a sharp stick and herd all of your Democratically inclined friends and neighbors down to the polls. Vote early and vote often.

The other night, I lay awake thinking about the candidates who have bought advertisements on blogs like Atrios, Kos, and Pandagon. Naturally, there is a calculated self-interest involved. Dean taught them that the fund-raising return from a targeted web campaign is very favorable. And by going to the right (by which I mean left) political sites, they get their message to an audience that, through self-selection, is already favorably inclined to receive their message.

But the benefits flow both directions. By advertising in Left Blogistan, the candidates are, of course, handing us some desperately needed cash to keep our best sites afloat. They are also giving us a powerful vote of confidence. I have no doubt that blogs, or something like them, will continue to exist for a long time; they are useful for micro-community building, in-group communication, and for the alienated to blow off steam without the use of high-powered rifles and bell towers. The jury is still out as to our significance as journalism and larger community mobilization. A vote of confidence from highly news-worthy people (candidates in an election season) is a huge boost for blogger legitimacy. The reporters and news junkies who are checking in on us now will continue to look our way after the election. If they succeed in selling candidates through blogs, ad agencies will try out some other products.

So, give turkee. It's just good manners to support those who support us. It's good business to ensure the success of their advertising campaigns. It's good politics to support anyone who wants to stick their fingers in the collective eye of Bush, Rove, and DeLay. It's fun and good for you!

Here are some Democrats advertising this week. I know very little about most of them. Pick the ones you think have the best chances of winning or of really pissing off Tom DeLay.

Actually, I do know Tony Knowles. I used to work for him. He’s a heck of a nice guy. I’ll tell you the story someday.

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