Wednesday, January 14, 2004

New Blog on the block
Some of my favorite bloggers have banded together to form a new group blog The American Street. The ring leader seems to be Kevin Hayden of Reach em High Network Noose. The cast is rapidly growing, but so far includes the best legal blogger around, Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft, economic blogger Angry Bear; Mary Ratcliff of Pacific Views and the Left Coaster; the eponymous Mark A. R. Klieman of Mark A. R. Klieman; and an old friend of mine (who inspired me to become a blogger), David Neiwert of Orcinus. All of these bloggers are first-rate sources of insightful commentary and background. If you want more than sound-bite news, American Street should go on your daily read list.

I should have all of these good people on my blogroll over to the left. If I lost any in my template meltdown last week, maybe I can make up for it by posting The American Street right at the top of the roll.

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