Friday, January 16, 2004

The morality of goofing off
Whenever the talking heads and government spokes-units begin to talk about the economy, one of the statistics that inevitably gets thrown around is that of worker productivity. Productivity is up and high productivity is good! I’m going to take issue with that judgment.

Think about it. What does higher productivity mean? It means each worker produces more. We get the same amount of output from fewer workers. In a time of high unemployment, or any unemployment for that matter, how ethical is that? By producing more, we are keeping jobs from people who need them. Snatching, as it were, bread from the mouths of their hungry children—of their cute and completely blameless hungry children. As bleeding heart liberals, our duty is to produce less and thereby create jobs for our unemployed comrades.

So, for the good of America, when you get to work on Monday, Google the names of as many of your grade school friends as you can remember. It’s the right thing to do.

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