Monday, January 26, 2004

More baby talk from our leaders
It looks like the administration is engaging in a full on propaganda offensive to counter Kay’s unambiguous comments on what a waste the weapons search has been ("I don't think they exist"). Cheney is at Davos still babbling about “proven” al Qaeda-Saddam links and Ashcroft is in Vienna talking about evil sciences:
"I believe there is a very clear understanding that Saddam Hussein continued to pose a threat," Ashcroft said.
"Weapons of mass destruction, including evil chemistry and evil biology, are all matters of great concern, not only to the United States, but also to the world community," he said. "They were the subject of UN resolutions."

Not “chemistry and biology used for evil purposes,” but “evil chemistry and evil biology.” Pity the poor translator who had to try and deliver that line with some dignity. I have to take the obvious cheap shot here. In Ashcroft’s medieval mind, is anything done in a laboratory by scientists (who probably believe in evolution) some form of satanic alchemy? (I stole that joke from Pandagon.)

What is it with these people? They’ve managed to take a good word and, through endless repetition, make it sound silly and childish. Evil was a great word that only had it’s effectiveness and power as long as it was held in reserve for only the most polar extremes of human behavior. They’ve ruined it.

Is this the best Karl Rove can do to justify the war? Cheney on a rather pathetic big lie mission, repeating stories that even network news anchors know have been thoroughly discredited? Ashcroft making baby talk with no content at all? If the past is any indication, their options are limited. They will not admit to having been wrong and they will not honestly address the questions of their critics. That leaves trying to destroy the credibility of the messenger or trying to divert us. I suppose having just slimed Paul O’Neil, it might be too soon for another slime job without looking too obvious (although I expect the sliming to begin anyway). So what kind of diversion could be in the wings? Mars? Show trials for Guantanamo detainees? A massive, but unfunded, program to eliminate steroids from professional sports?

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