Monday, January 26, 2004

The migrations of January
It?s January. The state legislators have returned to the capitals to fuss over their declining budgets and try to do something that will convince their constituents that they deserve to be re-elected this fall. And following the return of the legislators is the inevitable migration of creationists with bills and guidelines in hand to protect our children from the evils of uncensored evolution and science education in general.

So far, I?ve heard of efforts to limit the teaching evolution and mandate the inclusion of intelligent design theory (the latest incarnation of creationism) in Montana, Missouri, and Minnesota. There will be others. This is a subject I feel strongly about. I?ll be writing about some of the individual state battles as they pop up (starting later this week). If you can?t wait, go to Pharangula and read about the Minnesota science standards hearings.

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