Friday, August 29, 2003

Well, I can certainly breathe easier knowing this
EPA: Vehicle emissions don't qualify as pollutants That's the headline of an article on the front page of today's Seattle Times (picked up from the LA Times). It seems that since greenhouse gasses aren't directly corrosive when sucked into the lungs, they don't count as pollution and don't need to be regulated. This is a formal reversal of policy by the EPA. How can these people go to work every day? Their job is protecting the environment, not lobbying for auto industry stockholders.

I'm not really breathing easier. In fact, my chest is feeling tight and I'm having trouble getting a full breath. It's either hay fever or hysteria. If it's hay fever, I'll be able to brathe easier in about two weeks. I'm not counting on that.

Fortunately, real environmental groups are lining up to join the state of California in suing the EPA. Melissa Carey of Environmental Defense has the best take: "There are things we have to come to terms with: The Earth is round, Elvis is dead, and climate change is really happening."

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