Saturday, August 30, 2003

Hire a special prosecutor
If the Justice Department and leadership of both houses of Congress weren't receiving their talking points and marching orders from the west wing, we would have a number of special investigations going on by now. Using the "if Clinton had tried this" test, I can count at least the following:
  • Conflicts of interest in the energy taskforce
  • Intelligence failures before 9/11
  • Lies the EPA told about air quality near Ground Zero
  • Conflicts of interest in everything having to do with Enron
  • Civil liberties violations
  • Lies the administration told to get their invasion of Iraq
  • Cover up of Saudi terrorist ties by the Bush family and their operatives
  • Conflicts of interest in granting Iraq reconstruction contracts

This is just the list of misdeeds that rise to the level of special investigations. A list of mere broken campaign promises would have to be broken into sub categories (environment, ethics, education, entitlement funding; those are just the E’s).

Did I miss any?

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