Saturday, June 21, 2003

Time to vote
After posting my entry for the Truth Laid Bear's New Weblog Showcase, I grabbed a few hours sleep, got up, put down some extra food and water for the cats, hopped in the car with my wife and headed down to Portland where my mother was having a rather unpleasant medical diagnostic procedure. My number-three sister flew down from Alaska and was already at the medical center with Mom. We all went out to Mom’s place and spent two days eating too much, drinking too much, and filling each other in on family gossip. I’m telling you all this by way of explaining why I haven’t written or even looked at the news for two days. My wife got first dibs on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix so I should have plenty of time to write for a day or two. When I get the book, I’m planning to vanish again.

And somehow or another, this brings me to voting. I get to pick three and after pondering it all evening I’ve finally settled on:

An Unsealed Room’s Cherry-Picking on the Golan Heights for giving us “a reminder that Israelis (and Palestinians, too) are not just an ‘issue’ or a ‘cause.’ They are flesh-and-blood men, women and children trying to live their lives like anyone else.”

Across, Beyond, Through’s The Prodigal Father. He describes his blog as “Meanderings through the mind of a thirty-something minister trying to defy categorization.” Some of the categories he’s defying are humane, compassionate, and thoughtful.

Metajournalism’s Prison Privatization mostly because I like their slogan: "Where dissent meets commentary and makes dissentary."

Thanks everybody who voted, or considered voting, for me. I hope you stick around after the contest.

Postscript Mom’s fine and the cats are glad we’re back.

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