Thursday, June 19, 2003

I have no shame
Sunday will be my three-month anniversary as a blogger. Although I still feel like a novice, this milestone will make me a grizzled veteran in the eyes of N. Z. Bear. Or something like that. Since this is the last week that I’m entitled to enter “Microbes on Parade,” Bear’s new weblog showcase, I decided I should take advantage of this opportunity for free publicity and join the contest. The post below is my entry in the contest. To vote for me, you need to A) have a blog listed on Bear’s Blogosphere Ecosystem and B) link to my post from your blog (the link is When Bear surveys the ecosystem on Sunday evening, each link will count as a vote. You’re entitled to vote for three blogs, so you should go to the contest page and see what new pleasures you can sample. As a yellow-dog Democrat I can't help but love a contest that encourages us to vote early and vote often. I’ll be posting my votes Saturday night.

This is where the lack of shame part comes in. Please vote for me. Please. Please. Please. Please. Thank you.

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