Thursday, December 31, 2015

Obama's to-do list

In a few hours it will start being 2016 in the US. As Obama enters his last full year in office, I have to say he's put off too many parts of his agenda until the last minute. He's never going to accomplish all of these in one year. Just look at this list. He needs to:

  • Grab all our guns
  • Outlaw Christmas
  • Start a race war
  • Make everyone use Common Core math
  • Enact Shariah law
  • Send all of the Real Americans (tm) to FEMA reeducation camps
  • Play lots of golf
  • Abolish golf
  • Seize all the Bibles
  • Make kids eat their vegetables
  • Assign one transgender person to each public restroom and gym shower
  • Ban cars
  • Invade Texas
  • Get whitey
  • Declare himself the Messiah
  • Something something EBOLA!
  • Homosexualize all the children
  • Arrest Glenn Beck
  • Form a private army out of the Crips and the Bloods
  • Suspend the Constitution so he can have a third term
  • Import millions of Islamic terrorists
  • Give telephones to all the undeserving people
  • Make us press 2 for English

It's not going to be easy for Obama to institute his thousand year rule of evil on this schedule. Even now, conservative Facebookers are arming themselves with their most powerful Sam Elliot you-must-be-a-special-kind-of-stupid memes. He's going to need our help to accomplish his full evil agenda. I, for one, pledge to spend every penny George Soros sends me being a PC as I can on social media. What will you do?

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