Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I'm looking good, tonight

My big sisters got together and bought me a new hat for my birthday. It's a Stetson Temple Fedora, the equivalent style and color as my last one (the styles and pallet of Stetson have changed some over the years, so it isn't exactly the same). It arrived in the mail today. Looking snazzy and needing to take it out for a test ride, I walked up to the store and bought a some Q-tips, an job interview shirt, and a battery for my watch. I'm ready for anything. Except snake attacks (note to self: stock up on forked sticks).

And, I don't want to hear any cracks about Fedoras. This is my seventh one. I've been wearing Fedoras since before most hipsters were born or imagined.


Gav said...

It's fairly well documented that elephants eat hats, when they can. A family outing to Regents Park some years ago turned into a nightmare when one of the elephants, out walking its keeper, took a fancy to my (unbranded) hat. One minute the elephant would be no-where to be seen, then as we turned a corner there it would be, rolling its eyes and smacking its lips. It stalked us all around the zoo that day.

I look forward to reading your mammoth book even if it doesn't include a chapter on hats.

Martin Langeland said...

"It's funny how a good looking fellow looks good in anything he throws on." A. Alligator.
It suits you, John.