Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Stupid Files: shutdown edition

We can always count on Darrell Issa to issue some paradox laden rhetoric. Who can forget "an 'act of terror' is different than a 'terrorist attack.'"  Here's how he explains the budget process.
 Not funding the government is part of funding it.
Is this quote lacking context? Let's look at what he says next.
If you have the right to fund the government, you have the right to fund the government to a lesser amount.
 That sort of makes sense if you ignore the fact that Rep. Issa is face-palmingly unclear on how the government works and what rights are. A right is something that we can chose to exercise or not. My freedom of religion includes freedom from religion. I have the right to bear arms, but I also have the right to keep a gunless household. The Miranda warning includes a sentence about waiving rights. I suppose I have the right to quarter troops in my house during peacetime. Funding the government is not a right possessed by a few hundred people who work in Washington. It's an obligation. It's part of their job description. The only right Rep. Issa has in this regard is the right to resign from his job and let the voters of California's 49th district hire someone who is willing to do the job.

The stupid is very strong today. I imagine I'll have to update this post more than once.

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