Monday, August 12, 2013

The Stupid Files, part 2

I'm a big fan of Tea Party Cat on Facebook and Twitter. For a few months now, she (cats are all girls, right?) has been giving us "Asshole of the Day" inductees. When there are multiple candidates for AotD, I always take time to carefully consider each candidate's contribution and vote. In a few short months I've Tea Party Cat go from a tweet, to a tweet and an FB page, to two tweets and FB pages to a blog, to a  I've supported TPC every step of the way. This morning, while inducting Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) into "The Stupid Files," it occurred to me that I have a blog, I have a twitter account, I have an FB page, and I have a recurring political meme with humorous and outrage du jour potential. Maybe, I thought, maybe I could write up a small blog post for each inductee and, like, let you all know what I'm doing. Then I'd post it on Twitter and FB and become as popular as TPC*.

So here's the deal: as I see it, the only thing that my "Asshole of the Day" has over "The Stupid Files" is a catchy logo stolen from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. I need a logo**. Send me your suggestions, either as an actual image or as something within my artistic abilities to create. Ideally, the image should be simple enough to make into a Twitter icon. I'll post your suggestions here and we'll have a contest to pick the winner.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I'll tell you why Rep. Rohrabacher made it into the Stupid Files.

* Yes, I realize this part is sad, sad self-delusion. Humor me.
** My catch phrase will be "The stupid is out there."

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Jonathan Dresner said...

Did you get the Stupid File logo I sent? The only email I have for you (and I can't find one on this site) is the AOL one.