Monday, August 26, 2013

Let's put some liberals on the Stupid List

This is not so much stupid as pointless and transparent ploy to get Facebook followers. It's a petition.
Tell Alaska: Don't Send Sarah Palin to the Senate.
To start with, to whom are they going to send the petition? Are they going to buy ad space in the Anchorage Daily News and expect Alaskans to say "we should pay attention to what a Lower 48, liberal group wants us to do"? That'll turn out well.

Since they started the petition, Palin has changed her mind about running at least three times. "I'm thinkin' about runnin', but I might not, though I'm not closin' any doors, though closed doors are still on the table, the same table that Joe Sixpacks are sittin' around with their families (Mrs. Sixpack and the kids Skidoo, Cessna, Cranberry, and little Spitvalve) sayin' 'Golly! I sure do wish there was a real-American, common-sense, constitutional conservative in the race who could tell those elites what's what.'" If I were to handicap the race this far out, I'd say the odds are two or three to one against her running. Though that could change if she doesn't think the lamestream media is giving he enough time in front of the camera.

In their way, Left Action is behaving just like Sarah Palin with this petition. It's a pointless, toothless effort to get attention. Also.

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Mike Haubrich said...

She is not going to run because it would be too much work. Too much.