Saturday, April 06, 2013

Reading is fundamental

Speaking of reading core documents, reading your job description is always a good idea. This is from the Oklahoma Democrats page.
Below is an email exchange that was a call for help from State Rep. James Lockhart (D) – Heavener who requested help from his colleagues at the Oklahoma State Capitol, but was greeted with an extremely anti-education response from Rep. Mike Reynolds (R) – Oklahoma City.
Lockhart to Reynolds
Subject: Re: Our brightest students…..
No but we sure give out tax credits to a lot of companies that I question whether or not they actually need them. Over 5 billion each year! 
What we are seeing is the first generation of Americans who will earn less than the previous, be less educated, earn less and have less access to healthcare.
Basically we are doing a poor job of improving the lives of the people we represent. That is pretty clear in the fact that most people think we either don’t care about them or are unable to do something about improving their standard of living. 
I am here to try to improve the quality of life of the average person in however small a way possible. 
I would suggest you do the same
The answer, sent a day later:
It is not our job to see that anyone gets an education. It is not the responsibility of me, you, or any constituent in my district to pay for his or any other persons (sic) education. Their GPA, ACT ASAB, determination have nothing to do with who is responsible. Their potential to benefit society is irrelevant.
It's not the legislature's job to see that anyone gets an education. Hmmm. Let's look at the OK constitution and see if he's right.
Section XIII-1: Establishment and maintenance of public schools.
The Legislature shall establish and maintain a system of free public schools wherein all the children of the State may be educated.
What do you want to bet he calls himself a "constitutional conservative."

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