Wednesday, April 03, 2013

One year later

I was just reminded that it's been a year since my baby sister died. Sometimes, I forget and think of something I want to tease her over. Then I remember. I will always be grateful that number one sister flew me up so I could be with her. She was in a coma and we had to make the decision to unplug her. When she finally went, her husband and I were there holding her hands. All morning the hospice people and grief counselors came by and introduced themselves. Just a little before, a harpist came by and asked if she'd like to hear anything. Her husband asked if the harpist knew and Led Zepplin. She did, and she played it for us.

Bonnie McKay (1959-2012)

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joel hanes said...

My little sister, only a couple years older than yours, left us in 2007.

Not a day goes by that I don't find something I could share with her, and now there's no one to tell.

be well