Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tell it to Mexico, Dave

The Religious Right's favorite mock historian, David Barton, went on the radio show WallBuildersLive to day to demonstrate that conservatives can do comedy. At least that's the only explanation I can think of for this.
One of the things we often see with other militaries is they rule by intimidation, by threats, by terrorism really, they want to scare the dickens out of the enemy and America didn’t do that.

That's true as long as you don't count the neo-con years of this century, the gunboat diplomacy years of the last century, or the "with us or against us" treatment of small countries during the Cold War.
From the very beginning when George Washington set this thing up he said, "ok we’re having chaplains with everybody and here’s the only kind of war you can fight is you can fight defensive wars not offensive wars, you have to respect the rights of property, you can fight back when attacked," so we have a whole different mentality, we’ve never been a colonialist nation, we’ve never gone out to conquer others and make ourselves bigger, we’ve just never had that mentality.

Maybe you should look up the phrase "Manifest Destiny." After that, ask the Mexicans how they feel about our lack of expansionism. Or the Sioux. Or the Cherokee, Or the Seminoles, Apache, Lenape, Yakimas, Utes, Shoshone, Nez Pierce, Hawaiians, Navajos, Chickamaugas, Creeks, Spanish, Cheyenne, Nisquallys, Phillipinos, Modocs...
That’s exactly what made America so different, we don’t have that colonial aspect of let’s go conquer somebody else and make our nation bigger and that’s because of the faith element.

Christians never try to expand the faith by force of arms? Go ask the... Oh hell, what's the use?

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