Friday, May 27, 2011

A urgent appeal to Hollywood

This scene:
A body flies through the window (or over a balcony) on an upper story of a tall building.

Cut to the plunging body. The body falls in complete silence either because it is already dead or because the script requires artistic silence. Broken glass sparkles around the body like a personal constellation of icy stars.

Cut to the ground. A parked car. The body slams into the car with a shocking return of sound. Car alarms go off accentuating the contrast with the previous silence. Maybe some surprised passers-by scream further adding to the din.

Cut to an overhead shot of the broken body on the broken car. Onlookers slowly gather around the death tableau.

Fade to black.

Please stop doing this. It has become a painfully predictable cliche. I saw it three times last week. If you are going to keep using it, make it a moving car full of bad guys that promptly explodes in a ridiculouly large fireball. Everyone loves an explosion.

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