Saturday, March 19, 2011

Priorities, priorities

In the middle of the worst economic slump since the Great Depression with millions losing their jobs and homes, the Republicans made huge gains in Congress and in the state houses by promising to do -- something. So far their priorities seem to be:
  • Cutting corporate taxes
  • Creating enough barriers to abortion to make it functionally impossible to get one
  • Union busting
  • Increasing unemployment by laying off civil servants and teachers
  • Forcing creationism into the schools
  • Cutting social services for the poor
  • Undermining Social Security and Medicare
  • Defunding public education at all levels
  • Stopping the construction of passenger rail systems
  • Dismantling public health systems
  • Saving the incandescent lightbulb
  • Preventing any action from being taken on climate change
  • Ending public broadcasting
  • Giving governors dictatorial powers in their states
  • Anything that will piss off environmentalists

What did I miss?

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