Monday, July 19, 2010

Lots of happenings

The biggest news is that my friend Bora Živcović, better known to many by his nom de blog, Coturnix, is leaving Scienceblogs as the latest casualty of l'affaire Pepsi. This is probabty the clearest sign that what started as an internal crisis at Seed Media Group is resulting in a permananent and major reorganization of the science blogging world. Bora has been the mother hen for a large chunk of the science blogging world, encouraging writers, herding the group around, and making peace. For the time being, he has moved the A Blog Around The Clock archives to a WordPress site. Bora has been a great support to my own blogging. I'll follow him wherever he goes.

Eric M. Johnson, another casualty of Pepsigate, has yet to find a home for his fine blog Primate Diaries. Several bloggers offered to let him guest blog on their sites if the urge to write hit him before he settled down. I'm pleased to say he took us up on it and that the first stop on the Primate Diaries in Exile Tour is at my blog (below), archy. If the title "Scientific Ethics and the Myth of Stalin's Ape-Man Superwarriors" doesn't perk your interest, I don't know what will.

Finally, it may not be the biggest story in the science blogging world, but it's the most personal for me: my all science and history blog, Mammoth Tales has been invited to join a group. Starting to day MT is part of the Southern Fried Science Network. It's still a little rough, I need to customize the template with some mammoth art, but it has all the posts from the old site and will soon have some new goodies. Go check it out and check out the SFSN blogs while you're there.

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