Monday, January 04, 2010

Hey baby, wanna get lucky?

Who would have thought that line still worked (or that it ever did).
A truck driver, who claimed to be a Taoist master, has been convicted of duping a young model into having sex with him. He will be sentenced later this month, following a psychiatric report. The [Hong Kong] District Court heard during the trial that Au Yeung Kwok-fu had used false pretenses to trick a 19-year-old girl into have sex with him nine times since 2007, by telling her that this would improve her luck. He also claimed his so-called supernatural powers would prevent her from getting pregnant. Judge Stanley Chan said the victim was a simple-minded person with little experience of life. He said this had led her to have sexual intercourse with the defendant, leaving her pregnant and seeking an abortion. The judge rejected suggestions that the sex was part of a Taoist ritual, and that it could have had any effect in changing the victim's luck. He will hand down his sentence on January 21.

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