Monday, January 11, 2010

The bug and the blogger meet the scientists


i m looking forward
to our big trip
to north carolina

great uncle archy
was a world traveller
he went to france
after the war to end all war
to watch them put together
the peace that ended all peace
he hung out with ghosts in london
and tourists in hollywood
oh the stories he used to tell

me i ve never been
east of aurora blvd
or north of the late lamented
larry s market

you re not much better
oh sure you visited serbia
to chat with an old revolutionist
and went to leningrad
to look at the icons
but you ve only seen
the upper left hand corner
of your own country

we both need a change
let s pack our grips
and hop a plane
back east and down south
to rub shoulders
with the science set
you don t have to tell them
you were a history major

we can see
if they finally
ended prohibition
in the bible belt
but only in the interests
of scientific research
of course

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