Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Absorbed into the social networking Borg

At ScienceOnline2010 I discovered that, however well wired I may look in some contexts--say, among my older relatives--I am a Luddite among science bloggers. I took notes on paper. Everyone tweeted, except me. I live on the Internet. I'm practically a senior citizen among bloggers. I even took a tentative dip into Facebook last fall. But, I don't do mobile very well. I don't carry a cell phone unless I have a special need for one at that minute. Even when I do carry one, I usually have it turned off. I don't know how to text on the phone we have. With my eyesight and lack of manual dexterity, I'm not sure I could text even if I did know how. I'm giving in on the next step into the connected world, I just signed up for Twitter. I'm archymck. Like Facebook, I'm not quite sure how to integrate this into my life in a useful way (and not as another gigantic time suck). Tips, tricks, and followers are welcome.

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