Friday, November 06, 2009

Wake up America!

More terrorism:
A 40-year-old engineer who was dismissed from his job two years ago returned to his former workplace in downtown Orlando, Fla., on Friday morning and opened fire, killing one person and shooting five others, the authorities said. A police SWAT team detained the man, who was identified as Jason S. Rodriguez...

Rodriguez. The name tells all we need to know. Another Catholic extremist has been allowed to infiltrate our engineering services and wage "crusade" against the American people. Their medieval religion has no respect for democracy and American values. They have no loyalty to America. Their fanatical religious leaders, called "bishops," seek to undermine our system of government by controlling every facet of their primitive followers lives, including how they vote. Americans died bringing freedom to Catholics in 1945 and this is the thanks we get. Our leaders in Washington need to stop worrying about whether they like us in Rome and start doing what needs to be done to keep America safe. Michelle Malkin is right; we need to stop being so politically correct and reconsider the wisdom of internment.

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