Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The neverending problem

Every year I go into my site template and try to fix the feed. Every year I do exactly what the Blogger instructions tell me to. Every year it fails.

I use the Google Reader as a test. When I enter the URL for archy, I'm told they can't find it. If I go to archy, click the Atom feed link, copy the URL from there and paste it into Google Reader, it works. I added archy to Feedburner (who had the same problem finding me) and that didn't help.

I'm assured that my traffic would increase ten-fold--perhaps more--if I could get the feed to work. Badtux alone would visit hourly and and bring his well dressed horde with him. Coturnix's Coturnici would hang on my every silly pronouncement. It would become worthwhile to clutter the place with advertising. The FCC would keep a close eye on me to make sure I published a disclaimer every time I washed my hands with a bar of Clever Wife's gentle, exquisitely scented, and very reasonably priced Howling Pig soaps. I would become an important mover and shaker courted by the powerful, the influential, and the would-be powerful/influential. But none of this will happen unless I get the damn feed to work!!!

Any suggestions?

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