Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Killer robots? KILLER ROBOTS!!

Matthew Yglesias points out this exchange from and interview of Reihan Salam by The Economist.
DIA: What are some areas where you think Republicans can successfully work with Democrats in the future.

Mr Salam: In the far future, I imagine that there will be bipartisan cooperation on space colonisation and efforts to terraform Mars. In the nearer term, I’d like to see Republicans work closely with the Obama White House on education, an area where Jeb Bush and Arne Duncan, the secretary of education, agree on everything important. I’d also like to see cooperation on Medicare reform, but that won’t happen.

Yglesias takes eception to part of Salam's response.
On space colonization, I’m afraid I have to strenuously disagree. The problem is that the Spacers will inevitable become politically independent of earth, and then use their command over superior natural resources and robots to oppress us.

I have to question Yglesias' conclusions. Surely, Democrats and Republicans could work together to resist an invasion of killer robots--after they stopped trying to gain points by blaming each other, that is.

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