Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little perspective please

I really hate macho chest thumping and saber rattling, but just once I wouldn't mind a little display of military know-how to put this kind of nonsense in its place.
One day after it said it test-fired missiles capable of striking targets 1,250 miles from its soil, Iran said Tuesday that it would soon offer a timetable for international inspectors to visit a hitherto secret nuclear enrichment facility, but that it was not prepared to renounce its nuclear program or debate its "rights" to operate the previously undeclared plant.

Something like this is what I have in mind:
One day after each of them test-fired missiles capable of circling the earth three times and striking within seven feet of their intended targets, Britain, France, and the US said Tuesday that they would really like for international inspectors to visit Iran's hitherto secret nuclear enrichment facility.

I hate bullies, but sometimes a little bullying is just what they need to be convinced of the benefits of behaving themselves. Even we pacifist wienies get tired of listening to these tinhorn dictators try to blackmail the world.

PS - Yes, I know we aren't supposed to have orbital weapons, but Reagan broke that treaty a quarter century ago. I would be very surprised if the three of us and Russia did not have the ability and plans to snap an orbital missile together, using off the shelf parts, in no more than a couple days.

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