Friday, June 26, 2009

Obama made him do it

For a fat, older guy, Rush Limbaugh certainly shows an amazing amount of flexibility in the way he manages to twist himself into logical contortions in his single minded quest to blame everything on President Obama and the left in general. Yesterday, he managed to blame Mark Sanford's extramarital, extranational affair on Obama. No, really he did.
This is almost like, "I don't give a damn, the country's going to Hell in a handbasket, I just want out of here," He had just tried to fight the stimulus money coming to South Carolina. He didn't want any part of it; he lost the battle. He said, "What the hell. I mean, the federal government's taking over--what the hell, I want to enjoy life."

In case you're tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt, Limbaugh later clarified his position.
A listener apparently sent Limbaugh an email during the program, asking if he was kidding about the White House's economic policies being responsible for Sanford's affair. "No!" he said, adding that the governor may have realized, "The Democrats are destroying the country; we can't do anything to stop it."

It's amazing how the party of personal responsibility always manages to claim it's failings are someone else's fault. Limbaugh gets points for stupid above and beyond the call of duty on this one by blaming Obama's economic policies for an affair that began before he had even been nominated for the office that allows him to set economic policy.

Looks like Rush fell off the wagon again.

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