Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't pay the Ransom, I've escaped

I've been away from Blogistan and ignoring my e-mail and phone for the last week in the hopes of getting some work done on the book. I'm back now and have a nice story to share (above and below). Meanwhile, I seem to have missed a few things.

The two Cheneys, Dick and "Don't call me a lesbian" Liz, have been on the teevee way too much. Since they just keep telling the same lies over and over again, why does anyone think they're newsworthy. They should at least be required to come up with some new lies before they get any more camera time.

Newt Gingrich says Nancy Pelosi claiming the CIA lied about her could cause a nuclear holocaust. Good thing he never exaggerates for effect like Al Gore.

Dollhouse has been renewed for another season.

It's Memorial Day. Most people will be thinking about combat veterans and casualties. So am I, but I'm also saving some thoughts for my mom who was a Rosie the riveter during WWII. In our wars, America's industrial might has been just as important as our armies. Send a little love to the people who made our armies possible and buy union.

I had a piece selected for the Scientia Pro Publica carnival hosted over at The Primate Diaries. I'm in some pretty impressive company this week. Go read the other pieces and give them some traffic love.

I'll write more this week, I promise. After all, it's summer and someone will have to pick up the slack when the people who have lives go on vacation.

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