Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spring break creationism

Hey, gang. Looking for something fun, wholesome, and educational to do with the kids this Spring? Look no further! Those nice folks at People for the American Way have found the perfect getaway for the whole family. It's the Creation Studies Institute's...
Ice Age Fossil Adventure

Over 10,000 people have been involved in this family-centered activity in which one is taught how to collect and interpret Florida fossils using a biblical framework.

CSI offers you and your family the chance to spend a weekend enjoying God's creation and giving glory to God as we dig up and identify the fossil of Ice Age creatures on the Peace River in Arcadia Florida.

Actual picture from last year's Ice Age Fossil Adventure. An unexpected encounter during the nature walk in the beautiful snow capped mountains of southern Florida.

Who knows? You might be the one to discover a dinosaur just like the one Jesus used to ride!

The Creation Studies Institute (CSI) has been around since 1988 pushing a pretty standard version of young earth creationism and flood geology. It is the brainchild of Tom DeRosa. His official biography tells how he was once a godless evolutionist but saw the light and was reborn as a doctrinaire creationist. DeRosa a protege and close associate of the late D. James Kennedy and his Coral Ridge Ministry. Kennedy's hideous documentary Darwin's Deadly Legacy, which argued that Hitler got his ideas from Darwin, was based on DeRosa's book Evolution’s Fatal Fruit: How Darwin’s Tree of Life Brought Death to Millions.

CSI shares many beliefs with Answers in Genesis (AiG) and the much older Institute for Creation Research. CSI has its own Discovery Museum in Fort Lauderdale that has been around longer than AiG's better known Creation Museum, in Petersburg, Kentucky. In the Discovery Museum gift shop you can buy DVDs like this one exposing Al Gore's global warming alarmism as a scam perpetrated to force "the United States to give up her sovereignty and her rights [by] surrendering them to the socialistic mandates of the United Nations."

According to CSI and other young earth creationist groups, the ice age came after Noah's flood and lasted up to 700 years during which many of the animals that survived on the ark went extinct. Saving those species just to kill them immediately after seems a little odd to me, but subtle and mysterious are the ways of their lord. CSI also lets us in on such little known facts as those atheistic "scientists" don't think the planet Jupiter should exist.

The globe turning the wrong direction on the home page of the Creation Studies Institute site is a perfect example of the kind of science they want to teach our kids. Letting these clowns near a fossil bed is about as smart as giving a Taliban with a sledge hammer a free pass to a museum of antiquities.

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