Monday, March 23, 2009

Republicans behaving badly

The Republican candidate for mayor in Jackson, Mississippi is advocating murder and mob violence as a means of fighting the town's high crime rate. "Crime can only be alleviated by a noose and a stout tree limb," says George Lambus in a recent homemade flier, "I will provide the noose and when the economy improves, I will get the jobs here." Not surprisingly, Lambus cites Biblical authority for his version of law and order: "If we look at the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, it's driven with blood." Lambus' fliers, which have so far been distributed in mostly white neighborhoods, describe Jackson’s current city government as “incompetent negro Democrats.” This might be a normal case of just another Neo-Confederate crawling out from under his slimy rock except for the fact that Lambus is himself Black. Lambus is currently way down in the polls and something of a laughing stock in Jackson. One voter said of his rhetoric, "It's offensive, but it’s so ridiculous you don’t even know how to get mad." Unfortunately, he's the only Republican running, so he's guaranteed a spot on the ballot. After losing this election he'll probably end up being offered a position in the national Republican leadership because he so perfectly represents what the modern GOP has become.

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